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Desktop publishing and printing

Our agency has excellent professionals in desktop publishing and printing and we can format the already translated document as the original, as well as print it if necessary.


Ideally you have the InDesign source files with all the pictures and fonts and we adapt those files with the Bulgarian text.

However most often our customers provide us with pdf source files and we send them back ready to print pdf files with the translated text. This is possible when the pictures in the pdf source file have a resolution high enough to be printed at a printing facility. High resolution is not necessary if the files are to be printed on a printer or will be used for web applications.


You can find a concrete offer for adaptation of an advertising brochure from English here, and for translation and desktop publishing of a user manual from English – here.

In some cases you may wish to reduce the number of pages in order to optimize the printing costs for example. Then our DTP specialists redesign the respective pages which may include combining the contents of 2 or more pages, different layout, etc. aimed to get the desired total number of pages.


Your pdf document can be made interactive so the user can easily go to the section of interest through a link. This is useful when the document will be provided to the consumer in a digital format.

In case of html available source files, your document can also be formatted in an html format.

If you wish the document can also be printed. We will discuss with you the circulation, number of pages, colour and type of paper and we will prepare a price quote depending on those parameters.

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