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The translation process goes through two stages – translation by a qualified translator and editing by a second translator. In case of strictly specialised translations a third stage is possible – a consultancy by a specialist in the corresponding field.

As an additional or standalone service we offer proofreading in Bulgarian by a professional proofreader for the avoidance of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.

We support specialised teams of a translator and an editor for the most frequently ordered translations. The same teams of translators and editors work for our regular clients so we can keep the consistency and style of their texts. If you need translation services regularly or of large volumes, contact us, so we can negotiate the best conditions

For all your orders we will ask in detail for the specificity of the text, we will agree on the terminology approved in your company or industry and we will ask for a contact person whom we will address for any questions in regard to the text. We believe we will achieve the best result when working in close relationship with you – our clients.

Some of the fields in which we have definite long experience are:


Translation of legal and administrative documents
Contracts, articles of association, projects, tender documentation, customs and accounting documents, balance sheets, powers of attorney, certificates of compliance, declarations of performance (DOP), European technical assessments, business correspondence and more. Regardless of whether you need a bilingual document, official or legalised translation, our team is at your disposal. You can find more information regarding the differences between official translations and legalised translations here.


Translation of advertising brochures, product catalogues, websites, e-learning

As purchasing decision is rather emotional, your marketing materials are essential. Our purpose is not only to translate the content, but to convey the message in a way that sounds natural and impactive. We translate such presentation materials most often in the field of automotive industry, nutritional supplements, pharmacy, cosmetics, photographic equipment, construction products, consumer electronics, etc. Regardless of the field, our translators always research terminology, compile dictionaries, create translation memories, seek feedback from clients in order to achieve the best results.

As an additional service the source language of the document can be replaced with the target language (desktop publishing) and the document can be printed so that you get it totally ready to be handed out. For example, you can order translation, desktop publishing and printing of your advertising brochure and get it completely ready. Another option even more popular among our clients is only translation and desktop publishing of the advertising brochure, in which case they receive it in pdf format with a lower resolution for web applications. With our comprehensive service you save time, communication and coordination efforts and, last but not least, you optimise the costs. You can find a concrete offer for translation and desktop publishing of an advertising brochure from English here.


Technical translations

We have been working for some of our clients for many years and we boast significant experience in translating technical instructions and specifications, user manuals, installation instructions, safety instructions, etc.

These types of translations also often need desktop publishing and our comprehensive service is at your disposal! You can find a concrete offer for translation and desktop publishing of a user manual from English here.

No matter if you have the script or we have to translate by listening to the audio, we can translate and add subtitles to the video.


There are three types of interpreting – simultaneous, consecutive and accompanying.

Simultaneous interpreting is carried out at the same time as the speaker talks by one interpreter or by a team of two interpreters in a specially equipped cabin. That type of interpreting requires the greatest amount of concentration from the interpreters and is most expensive in terms of technical equipment. No time is lost for the interpreting which allows better organisation of the event.

Consecutive interpreting is carried out after the speaker who makes a pause every 2-3 sentences to give time for the interpreting. That type of interpreting is the cheapest in terms of technical equipment but takes twice the time of the event because of the waiting period.


Accompanying interpretations can vary a lot – from a deal before a notary to a shopping tour. It is normal that you pay for the full period of employment regardless of whether the interpreter is working or not. 


- All presentations or other type of information should be provided at least 1 week prior to the event. This will allow the interpreter to get acquainted with the topic in advance and to ask his/her questions if any.

- If the presenter is planning to say some joke/s during his/her presentation, it is necessary to share them with the interpreter beforehand.

 - The interpreter has to be provided with coffee breaks and lunch time. It is essential s/he is not engaged professionally during coffee breaks and lunch time so s/he has time to rest.

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